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1.Recruiting Object: Foreigners


2. Entry Requirements:

2.1. In a state of good health, abiding by Chinese law

2.2. The filled application form for foreign students wishing to study at Shanghai Ocean University

2.3. Age: 18 --- 60


3.  Entering time

Spring Semester: February --- July, deadline for application is 10th Jan.

Autumn Semester: September --- January of next year, deadline for application is 30th June.


4.  Curriculums of Chinese Language Programs

Compulsory Courses: Chinese speaking, Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Survey of China, etc.

Optional Courses: Commercial Chinese, Tourism Chinese, Standard Pronunciation and Declaiming of Common Spoken Chinese, HSK Training,  Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Tea Ceremony, Playing the erhu fiddle , Chinese Kungfu , Traditional Opera , etc.(Note: the situation of optional courses depends on the number of students choosing the course and teaching resources)


Linguistic practice and cultural activity:

We will arrange for students to visit some famous Chinese historical cities to carry on the language teaching practice each semester; organize occasional city tours, the cultural entertainment activities; hold competition of singing Chinese songs, language culture activity, etc.

5.  Teaching Objectives

Primary level: Through the study, the student can utilize Chinese to carry on the daily life and preliminary social intercourse activities; the student has the ability to self-study Chinese.



Intermediate level: Through the study, the student can utilize Chinese freely to carry on the daily life, the study and general social intercourse activities; the student can communicate in Chinese in certain working situation;.


Advanced level: Through the study, the student can utilize Chinese quite appropriately to carry on the high-level study, the social activity and the work, and can carry on the human relations in the certain specialized domain (such as business trade, diplomacy, culture).


6.  Expenses Standard

Application Fee: 400RMB

Tuition Fee: 9100RMB per semester for each person

Accommodation Charges:

Foreign students Apartment (double room): Each room includes a shower (hot water), an air conditioner, a telephone, a fridge, a microwave oven, etc. 5000RMB per year for each person. (Note: the water and electricity bill must be settled up by students)

Board Expenses:

About 20RMB/Day in the dining room for students (about 3USD)

About 35RMB/Day in the Muslim dining room for students (about 5USD)