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Aquaria Science and Technology
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Cultivating Objectives:Cultivating the multi-skill talents with the knowledge and ability on ornamental animals culture and appreciation, reproduction and breeding, water quality control, nutrition and feed, disease control, aquatic engineering design, operation and management who can engage in the leisure fishery and scientific research on ornamental aquatic animals, development, education and management in aquarium industry enterprises and institutions. Requiring to learn the basic theory of modern biological science and environmental science as well as knowledge of ornamental animals culture, aquatic animals industry operation and management by learning related experiment of biology, chemistry and ornamental fish culture practice, mastering the capabilities of ornamental fish culture technology, water environment control, nutrition and feed and the disease control, etc.


Major courses:Zoology and experiment, Hydrobiology and experiment, Physiology and experiment, Ecology and experiment, Ornamental Animals Culture and breeding experiment, Ornamental Water Grass Cultivation and experiment, Sport Fishing, Nutrition and Feed in Ornamental Animals, Medicine in Ornamental Animals, Creativity and Design of Aquarium, Ornamental Animals Engineering and experiment, Food Organism Cultivation, biology practice, production practice, graduation thesis.