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Landscape Gardening
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Training Objectives:Cultivating the specialized personnels who develop morally, intellectually and physically,  have scientific literacy and systemic theories, knowledge and skills of ecological water landscape and ability, innovation consciousness in the corresponding theoretical research, application research, design, management to meet the needs of economic construction and sustainable development in our country in ecological water landscape, as well as compound talents engaging in related professional business. Requiring students to master the knowledge system of ecological water landscape, learning primary theory of environmental ecology, hydrobiology, landscape planning and design, water environmental engineering and skills of water ecological science, water environment analysis, assessment, protection, monitoring, pollution prevention and management, landscape planning and design and management. In addition, through other courses, students can enhance basis, expand the marketability, improve the comprehensive quality and ability to adapt to the new situation of social demand for water ecological landscape.

Major courses:Aquatic Ecology and experiment, Hydrobiology and experiment, Landscape Ecology, Water Environment Chemistry and experiment, Landscape Planning and Design, Computer Graphics Design, Environmental Engineering and experiment, Waters Landscape Ecological Engineering, Science of Human Settlement, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, ecotourism, practice of water ecological landscape evaluation, aquatic ecology practice, practice of water ecological landscape planning and design, graduation project.