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Animal Science
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Cultivating Objectives:Cultivating the scientific manpower with basic theories, knowledge and skill of animal science (animal nutrition and feed) who will engage in technology and design, promotion and development, operation and management, teaching and scientific research work of animal science (animal nutrition and feed) in the related departments. Requiring to learn primary theory and knowledge of animal genetic breeding and reproduction, aquatic animals culture and multiplication, animal nutrition, feed science and feed manufacturing technology, accepting the training on the investigation, analysis, evaluation and design of animal science(animal nutrition and feed), mastering the abilities of formulation design, feed processing and animal production and management.

Major courses:Biochemistry and experiment, Zoology, Zoophysiology and experiment, Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Prevention and Cure of Aquatic Animal Disease and experiment, Formulation Feed, Feed Manufacturing Technology, Living Organisms as Feed and experiment, experiment of feed quality inspection and analysis, Aquaculture, Introduction to Livestock Breeding, production practice, research training, graduation thesis.