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Spatial-Informatics and Digitalized Technology
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Cultivating Objective:  For the needs of the various sectors of the national economy and the field of digital construction, this subject cultivates compound talents with good scientific literacy, innovation consciousness, solid foundation of software engineering and complex knowledge structure. Students of this subject can master large-scale digital engineering and management capacities such as the "digital ocean, digital agriculture, digital city, digital government, digital land" and can also deal with information processing, network transmission, visual expression and intelligent decision support for marine, urban,agricultural, cultural, social and economic.

Main courses: introduction of spatial information, principle and design of spatial database, data structures, principal and method of digital engineering, introduction of marine science, introduction of marine technology, spatial information of mobile services, software engineering, project management, network and distributed computing, electronic-government and e-commerce, computer graphics, spatial decision support, Java programming, geographic information systems, operating systems, project management spatial information systems and so on.