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1.   Recruiting Object: Foreigners

    We will hold Chinese learning programs and further education projects for varied lengths on demand, such as three month (within or no more than it ), one month, two weeks and so on. We adopt various teaching forms, such as adopting students getting into a class in the middle of the course, setting up a class as long as the number of the students is above ten, adopting one-teacher-to-one-student teaching program, etc.


2.  Entry Requirements

2.1. In a state of good health, abiding by Chinese law;

2.2. The filled application form for foreign students wishing to study at Shanghai Ocean University;

2.3. Age: 18 --- 60


3.  Entering time

Summer-vacation program: July --- August, deadline for application is 20th June.

Winter-vacation program: January --- February, deadline for application is 20th Dec.


4.  Curriculums of Chinese Language Programs

Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Listening, Chinese Conversation, Survey of China, etc. Besides, we will give two cultural courses from Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Tea Ceremony, Play the Erhu Fiddle, Chinese Kungfu, Traditional Opera, Tai Chi, Chinese Song, etc.

We will arrange for Shanghai city tours and the peripheral city tours such as a one-day tour to Zhujiajiao, a one-day tour to Zhouzhuang, a two-day tour to Shuzhou and Wuxi, and a two-day tour to Hangzhou according to the real situation.

We will set up some characteristic classes as Commercial Chinese, Practical Chinese, Learning Shanghai Dialect, Skill of HSK, Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Traditional Chinese Opera, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese Instrument, Chinese Martial Art, Chinese Culinary Art, Chinese Civilization, Contemporary Survey of China, etc.


5.  Expenses Standard

Application Fee: 400RMB 


Tuition Fee: 2150RMB for a month, 1240RMB for two weeks, 496RMB every week after three weeks, 165RMB every class hour for one-teacher-to-one-student tutorial.


Accommodation Charges:

Apartment (double room): Each room has a shower (hot water), a telephone, an air conditioner, kitchen, etc. 60RMB per day for each person.

University Hotel:  Each room has a shower (hot water), bedclothes, a telephone, a TV set, an air conditioner, etc. The charges are as follows:

Standard double room:   180RMB/Day   Comfortable double room: 220 RMB/Day

Standard single room:    150RMB/Day   Comfortable single room: 200 RMB/Day


Board Expenses: About 20RMB/day (about 3 USD)in the dining room for students.

About 35RMB/day(about 5 USD)in the Muslim dining room for Muslim students

6There will be extra charge for tourism.