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The Graduation Ceremony of Polynesians on Aquaculture Training  2017.05.11
The wonderful Christmas party  2016.12.27
Making dumplings to celebrate The Winter Solstice  2016.12.23
A visit to water town---Wuzhen  2016.12.16
The table tennis competition “Zhang Jiang Cup”  2016.12.14
The Second International Cultural Day of Shanghai Ocean University  2016.12.06
ICEC Held Meeting for Sharing the Experiences of Chinese-teaching  2016.10.13
ICEC Organized International Students to Attend Activities  2016.10.08
International Students “Appreciate” Shanghai  2016.09.20
International Students Learn to Make Moon cakes  2016.09.13
2016 SHOU foreign students’ farewell meeting was held  2016.06.27
The International Cultural Exchange College of Sha  2016.03.31
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