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The Graduation Ceremony of Polynesians on Aquaculture Training
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On the morning of April 12th, the graduation ceremony for Aquaculture Training Course of Polynesian students was held at Library Center 102 in Shanghai Ocean University. Yudong Cheng, the principal of Shanghai Ocean University, Cheng Wang the president of TianRui Investment Group Management Co, Ltd and their vice president Zuliang Zhang as well as other relevant leaders attended the ceremony. Luquan You, the dean of International Cultural Exchange College hosted the ceremony.

  At first, our principal Yudong Cheng warmly congratulated to the 10 Polynesian students for their well-done aquaculture study and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the French Polynesian Government, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(CPAFFC) and the TianRui Investment Management Co. Ltd for their great efforts to ensure the successful completion of this training and also to those teachers who have devoted their efforts to students in their major study, cultural experiences and practice activities. 

   Our principal also pointed out that the successful completion of this training course has further expanded the scope of international exchanges of our university. It is also a great significant strategy for Shanghai Ocean University to respond to our government’s One Belt, One Road (BR) initiative program which can excellently improve our university international status and promote foreign students education development.

   Associate professor Wu, the representative of their teachers and Yueyue, the student representative of these ten Polynesians, both delivered their enthusiastic speeches. After that, all students deeply expressed their great gratitude to some relevant leaders of TianRui Investment Group Management Co. Ltd and professional teachers of Shanghai Ocean University.

   It is well known to us that the ten Polynesians are elected from 30 outstanding students in their country. To some extent, it is great significant to build sound foundation of international cooperation among TianRui Investment Group Management Co. Ltd, Shanghai Ocean University and Polynesia government when these qualified students go back to hometown and work for their country development.