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Making dumplings to celebrate The Winter Solstice
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The Winter Solstice is one of Chinese traditional festival and we Chinese have the custom of eating dumplings. In order to make foreign students better experience Chinese traditional culture, the International cultural Exchange College organized foreign students to get together at the first canteen on Dec.20th. They made dumplings to welcome the winter solstice and experienced the folk Chinese activities.

At first, people celebrate the coming of New Year through spending winter solstice. In the northern region of China, people eat sheepdumplings and wonton, but in the southern people prefer to eat rice group at the winter solstice. There are sacrificial offerings ancestor customs at most areas of china in this day. After understanding the origin of the winter solstice, our foreign students carried out making dumplings activities. They put meat, got flowers and finally made many styles of dumplings. Everyone was busy with their dumplings. Round, long, sharp, flat, so many strange dumplings. We talked and laughed, sharing the experience of making dumplings.

Our foreign students enjoy their own happiness to eat their own dumplings and deeply feel Chinese traditional culture.