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A visit to water town---Wuzhen
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On December 10, our foreign students under the leadership of the teachers went to the south of the Yangtze River - Wuzhen for a visit in order to enhance better understanding of Chinese culture.

After two-hour drive and around 11 am, teachers and students arrived at the water town-Wuzhen. They walked in the streets with ancient style and tasted different kinds of delicious food. Wuzhen as one of the six ancient towns in china has a long history; it has typical Jiangnan water town with ancient features and the original style and pattern. It also has a complete preservation of the late Qing Dynasty. Foreign students are so surprised that the streets are connected by the bridge which is one of the impressed architectural styles of the town.

Wuzhen trip was so wonderful that foreign students were so attracted by the Jiangnan scenery, now our foreign students have a deeper understanding of China. The combination of natural landscapes and historical landscapes has deeply impressed our foreign students, improved our students' Chinese expression skills and enhanced their affinity and love for Chinese culture.