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The Second International Cultural Day of Shanghai Ocean University
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On November 29, the Second International Cultural Day of Shanghai Ocean University was successfully held at the school badminton court. The Intercultural Day’s activities consisted of characteristics food exhibitions, international costumes shows and kinds of wonderful performances. All the foreign students, most Chinese students and some teachers as well as several school leaders took part in the Intercultural Day. Our vice President, Jiannong Wu delivered a speech at the beginning of the International Cultural Day.

Our foreign students from different countries not only prepared for their performances but also delicately decorated their own intercultural booths. The first team to perform was American students. They opened the show with a medley of dance and wonderfully ignited the enthusiasm of audience. The following performance was from Indonesian students; they fully showed characteristics Indonesian song and dance to everyone so that the atmosphere was getting more and more active. Then a group of girls from Thailand dressed in gorgeous ethnic costumes and danced with cheerful music. They interpreted a mysterious and romantic Thailand with an elegant and dignified dance.

Students from Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Korea, Comoros, Timor-Leste and other countries also had shown their charismatic culture on the stage. At last, the French Polynesian guys brought audience a unique style of dance and made the atmosphere reach the climax. After many intercultural performances, all the teachers and students visited the booths and tasted the specialties from various countries; everyone was happily dancing together and taking pictures. The whole badminton court was filled with youthful atmosphere.

The Intercultural Day had kinds of activities and much speediness from different countries. Our foreign students’ performances constantly won bursts of applause from audience. Different styles of Intercultural exhibitions also conveyed their own colorful cultural customs. We are looking forward to the coming of Christmas Day.