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ICEC Organized International Students to Attend Activities
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   During the National Day holiday, in order to enrich international students’  lifeinternational culture exchange college organized a variety of holiday activities.

   On October 2, combing with the Chinese teachingteachers picked two Chinese movies carefully and organized students to watch movies together. Watching Chinese movies are an important part of educational practice of a foreign language, which also could help students to improve the listening and Chinese understanding.

   On October 6, teachers and students did the activities of interesting sports in student dormitory activity room, such as delivering the straw, using chopsticks to take something, playing the squares, grabbing chairs and so on. Students were actively participating in these activities. Cheers and laughter rang with the international students. Students’ enthusiasm was greatly aroused by interactive games and these games also make students promote the friendship with each other.

   On October 7, teachers organized students to visit China Maritime Museum. China Maritime Museum is located besides DiShui Lake. The aim of the museum is to carry forward the splendid navigation civilization and tradition of Chinese nation. Students boarded on   antique boat of Ming Dynasty, watched ‘Modern Ship Construction Technology’, experienced virtual shipbuilding welding and learnt to tie a lanyard knot. Students had learnt Chinese navigation history events and development of Chinese seamanship. This activity not only widened our students’ vision, but also improved the students’ ocean consciousness.