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ICEC Held Meeting for Sharing the Experiences of Chinese-teaching
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At 2pm of Otc.11 in 2016, the international culture exchange college of Shanghai Ocean University took place a meeting for sharing the experiences of Chinese-teaching. The speaker is Ms. zhang who is a doctor from East China Norman University. She had been a teacher in many universities and has rich teaching experiences. When she finished her report, she won plaudits. She explains some aspects according to her teaching experiences as follows.

1. Chinese as the second language for teaching

2. Chinese character as the second language for teaching

3. the teaching methods of words and characters

4. the teaching methods of sentence pattern

5. the teaching characteristic of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing

6. do preparation for lessons 

About Chinese as the second language for teaching, Ms. zhang separately explained the difference between Chinese as the target language and Chinese as the mother language in the teaching. Ms. zhang mentioned that why the Chinese is different from Pinyin and any other language is in its form, pronunciation and meaning. About the teaching methods of words and characters, Ms. zhang thought that if teachers can make cards and prepare some funny games for students, it will be helpful for their Chinese learning.

About the teaching methods of sentence pattern, Ms. zhang illustrated the relationship between sentence structure and oral functions, the difference among elementary level, medium level and advanced level and difference between sentences, paragraphs even the whole passage. In addition, Ms. zhang also mentioned the importance of questioning and she asked the present teacher what are the characteristics of Chinese listening speaking reading and writing. Some teacher thought writing and reading after speaking and listening, etc

At last, Ms. zhang talked a lot about preparing lessons. She thought every teacher should be familiar with his teaching materials, figure out the students’ background and objectives. And teachers have to set up the teaching objectives and use correct references. Anyway, it’s a successful meeting for sharing Chinese teaching experiences.