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The International Cultural Exchange College of Sha
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The International Cultural Exchange College held Chinese Song contest recently. There were 27 students participated it.

The contest was beginning with the songGirlplease look at me which Aqilah was singing, the lively and cheerful melody brought a relaxing atmosphere to the room. Marry mesang by Lijun Chen,To find a wordsang by Zhongcheng Ruan and Sweetsang by Dalong Hao released sweet feeling in the hall.Missingsang by Donghai Huang,Love frequencysang by Changzhen Piao and The most loved onesang by Hengzhai Cui showed a truth and moved love to us. Some groups’ songs stir up a wave of joy. Fanally, Lijun Chen with outstanding performance and popular character got grand prize. Zhongcheng Ruan and the group of Zaya and Ally with their excellent singing level won first prize won the first prize.

The competition not only provided a good stage for the international student who is good at singing but deepened students’ feelings about Chinese songs.