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Good Achievement for Foreign Students in Football
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   Shanghai Ocean University hold a football match on 15th December,2015.It consists of the Ocean Science Academy’s football team and the Aquatic Product Academy’s team.Nash and Richard,the our academy’s international students,showing well in the match and they came top with the teammate by the score of 7:3.

   This match is not only make the Chinese students and the International students be better,it also displayed our academy’s International students’ ability to work in team in the team match. They can communicate with teammates well. They had the goal in common which is victory. And the did. There isn’t difference on green field and we are family. It can be believed that the all students will get along well with each other and they can help counterpart.

   This win represents their and our academy’s honor.We hope we can show better in the next match.Not only in the match,in every ways we should also become better. Let’s strive together!