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The International Students Visit Oriental Land , Zhujiajiao  2016.03.22
A Teaching Forum with Vice Professor Liu Huiqing  2015.12.31
Good Achievement for Foreign Students in Football  2015.12.18
One-day Tour in Suzhou of CICE  2015.12.16
Teaching Evaluation Held in ICEC  2015.10.20
Foreign Students attend Chinese Self-introduction  2015.10.20
Foreign StudentsVisit the China Maritime Museum  2015.10.20
Overseas Students in SHOU Visit Chen Shan Botanica  2015.04.15
Chinese Recital Competition Is Held Successfully  2015.04.09
Watching people in trouble to understand “drama” c  2014.11.14
Teaching Seminar Organised by Our College  2014.11.14
New Foreign Students Visit Shanghai  2014.11.05
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