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Application process

Submit following materials to College of International Cultural Exchange

▲a complete form of application form of SHOU

▲A photocopy of valid passport

▲High school or college certificate and academic record (Chinese-training class are exempt from it)

▲Official certificates of Chinese learning

The physical examination record table of Shanghai Ocean University

▲Application fee


 Admission process

▲The College of International Cultural Exchange will issue to the qualified applicants Form-JW202 and Notice of Admission in two weeks after all the application materials are obtained and reviewed.

▲Visa application

The admitted students should apply for visa in the Chinese consulate with Form-JW 202 and Admission Notice.



    Students should register in the College with the following materials

▲original passport

▲ten bareheaded full-face photos (3cm x 4cm)

▲Original copy of health record (those who stay in china for less than six months are exempt from it)

▲Tuition and fees

▲Verifying fees

▲Specific training