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Shanghai Government Scholarships B for Foreign Students
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Application Details for Shanghai Ocean University

      Scholarships B aims at financing outstanding foreign students of the Shanghai Ocean University for education. Scholars could receive subsidy only in relative terms.

.Approach and time

      Applicants can directly hand in their applications to School of International Cultural Exchange in Shanghai Ocean University and complete your application information in the website(http://www.study-shanghai.org/controller.asp?action=ScholarShip_2_en).

      Deadline: Each June 30


ⅰ.Applicants must be citizens of foreign nationality, and healthy.

ⅱ.Requirement for qualifications and age

      Applicants for bachelor’s degrees must have finished senior high school and generally not more than 25 years old; Applicants for master’s degrees must have a bachelor degree and generally not more than 35 years old; Applicants for doctorate’s degrees must have a master’s degree and generally not more than 40 years old.

ⅲ.Requirement for language:at least HSK-4.

ⅳ.Do not simultaneously receive any other types of scholarships of Chinese government.

Ⅲ.Content and standards

      Scholars for B kind could receive subsidy only in relative terms. Details are available in http://gjxy.shou.edu.cn.


Applicants must fill in and submit the application materials truthfully.

ⅰ. Two “scholarship B application form” in Chinese or English.

ⅱ.The highest level of educational attainment notarized. If you are a student at school or have gotten employed, more materials about study or employment are needed to test your identity. And Chinese or English version is available corresponding to other versions notarized.

ⅲ. School report card are available in Chinese or English version.

ⅳ.Study and research plan should be written in Chinese or English and not less than 1000 words.

ⅴ. A letter of recommendation from two professors or associate professors are available in Chinese or English.

ⅵ. New HSK-4 certificate or above; 

Ⅶ. Foreign student enrollment application form of Shanghai Ocean University is available in http://gjxy.shou.edu.cn/english/application.asp

      Materials could not be sent back whether you are matriculated or not.

. Specialty scope

      All specialties of Doctorate, Master and Undergraduate in Shanghai Ocean University could apply for it. Details are available in http://gjxy.shou.edu.cn.

.Matriculate and information

      Foreign student work leadership could carry on the verification according to the relative processes after receiving the application and inform the applicant the outcome in written form in time.

.The rest

      Chinese and English are for doctor and master.

      Chinese is for undergraduate course.

      We will make a Comprehensive assessment in term of scholars’ achievement, attitude, attendance, performance, rewards and punishment and so on. Only the passers could apply for next year’s scholarship.