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The Society Information 

(1)Sakura Club

Sakura club ,which is a Japanese student organization founded in 1999, is to introduce and promote the cultural exchange between China and Japan. A lot of activities was held in this organization for the purpose of forming a strong learning atmosphere. Sakura society activities involved in traditional Japanese culture, Japanese pop music, Japanese animation, Japanese TV drama, Japan campus life and Japanese teaching. In all of this, Japanese dubbing contest, drama performances contest and other activities have a very high visibility and influence in SHOU and other sister schools.


(2)Animation Association

The association was founded in 2001. As a historic and the only animation community in SHOU, it made a contribution in promoting the animation culture in SHOU and other universities in Shanghai. Cosplay is the featureof the association. They are often invited to participate in various activities.. Some animation theme parties, like the maid café, "roaming animation festival" and so on, provided a good platform for members to show themselves.


(3)Korea IN Society

Korea IN Society is supported by Korean professional knowledge. Some students who love Korean culture teach Korean language in their spare time. The society organized various parities, like dance competition, the voice contest. It is worth mentioning that the Korean IN dance group, which is not only the backbone of the Korean IN society, but also bring you a perfect visual feast at the big and small parties.


 (4) Hip hop Club

AIRWALKER, a hip-hop community, which was established in 2002, has 13 years of history. It has become a powerful community in early times. This community is mainly spread hip-hop culture by teaching and performance. The community contains a variety of hip hop dance (Jazz, Breaking, Hippop, Lockin, Poppin etc.). "On dancing Keep, and love peace", the most pure hip hop culture is our pursuit of twelve years.


(5) Delicacy Society

Delicacy society was founded in 2005 and this year is its 10 year old birthday. Last year, we launched a lot of creative activities, such as a homemade sandwich, a fruit salad and so on. The effect of activity is awesome. In short, everyone appreciate the activities. The aim of delicacy society is to promote the food and the culture. And experience the fun of food together with the students in SHOU. Love and food are the two things which we can’t live up to. The society and the delicacy, I love you.


The Various Activities

1Visit  Aquatic organisms science and technology museum

The aquatic organisms science and technology museum in Shanghai Ocean University was established in 2012 in the light of ichthyology, hydrobiology and  etc. , which locates on the seventh floor of library. The Yangtze river is the main line of the pavilion in accord with its flow direction from inland to coast gradually, whose theme is ‘Human beings live in harmony with the water world’ . Through displaying the vivid aquatic organisms specimens, such as Chinese sturgeon, Chinese alligator, tridacna, leatherback turtles, tortoise shell and etc., and utilizing the The vast lamplight and modern multimedia technology, the interesting aquatic world is created and people can have a great view of mysterious and magnificent aquatic organisms, just like visiting the gorgeous aquatic kingdoms.

Construction of beautiful China cannot leave the beauteous sea. Ocean is the hope to realize the Chinese nation's dream, and the ocean consciousness is a wind indicator to fly the Chinese dream, and constructing harmonious marine is Chinese people’s great vision. Aquatic organisms science and technology museum is willing to spare no efforts and try its best to accomplish the mission.


2Visit the God Temple

As the saying goes,” You never know Shanghai, if you haven’t been to the old temple.” Now, it is one of the largest existing old temple in our country. With a total area of about two thousand square meters. It is located in the most prosperous area in Shanghai, that is, the old temple tourist area, and is also an important Taoist temple in the Shanghai area. The old temple is more than six hundred years from now. it can be traced back to the Ming dynasty YongLe (1403-1424). It has been repeatedly rebuilt and repaired in history after so many natural erosion, artificial destruction and the corrosion of time. The old temple is located in the middle road of fangbang no.249 in Huangpu district. The old temple is the culture of the Taoism. It includes nine halls. In China, the old temple’s pronunciation is “chenghuang miao”. In ancient Chinese culture, “cheng” and “huang” were considered as the city defense tools. The people thought that there is a god in the old temple who could protect their families and harvest.


3Visit The Oriental Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is a TV tower in Shanghai, China. Its location at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, makes it a distinct landmark in the area.Its principal designers were Jiang Huan Chen, Lin Benlin, and Zhang Xiulin. Construction began in 1991, and the tower was completed in 1994. At 468 m (1,535 feet) high, it was the tallest structure in China from 1994–2007, when it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center. It is classified as a AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.


4Visit Traditional Water Village

Zhouzhuang lies at the middle between Shanghai and Suzhou, is an ancient town of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, where abounds with rivers and lakes. So it is thought by many to be the best watercide town in China. This ancient town has a history of more than 900 years old with many houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are about 100 houses with courtyards, and 60 of them have arch gateways made by carved bricks.

With lakes on four sides, the beauty of Zhouzhuang is specially to be found along the waterside lanes and around a number of the stone bridges. A different vista at every turn can be found here. All those make a visit most enjoyable. Also, one can enjoy the fairyland atmosphere of the evenings here when the myriad stars twinkle as though in communication with the glittering lights.


5Experience Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese tea was flourished in the Tang dynasty and the Song dynasty. The events of tea in other countries in the world, directly or indirectly, are basically spread out from China. China is the homeland of tea, and tea have become the national drink. Tea is helpful to our body and have formed the Chinese tea culture. It is loved by many people.

The college has organized foreign students to participate in the tea culture experience activities for many times. The activities start from ornamental art performances. The foreign students tasted tea in the antique mood. After the end of the show, the brewing process of students will be divided into several groups to learn how to make a variety of tea.

Through experiencing, students have tasted the profound tea culture. More artistic conception and cultural connotation were included in it. The cognition of students was deepen in the process of understanding the Chinese traditional culture.