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Safety Tips

1When off the campus, especially at crowded places such as stores or buses, take care of your wallet and certificates (passport, residence permit, student ID, etc)

2Take regular taxi and request for tickets from the driver, in case you need to search for any lost items. DO NOT take the unlicensed taxi.

3Be sure to request for invoices when purchasing in stores, in case of an exchange or refund when there’s quality problem.

4Follow the traffic rules and be ware of the traffic.

5When in emergency, dial the following numbers for help:

Ambulance: 120; alarm call: 110; fire alarm: 119; telephone fault: 112; telephone enquiry: 114.

College office: 61900777; dormitory duty room: 61900990; campus guard office: 61900110.

6If you lost your passport, report to the local police station immediately, and obtain a letter of introduction from the college office. Then obtain the Passport Loss-reporting Certificate from Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau. Then replace your passport at the Embassies in China of your home country. At last, obtain another residence permit from Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau.

7A reward will be rendered by the college to those foreign students who comply with Chinese laws and regulations and various rules of the college, and those who study hard and respect their teachers and befriend their fellow students, and those who obtained outstanding academic record. For those who wish to study for higher level, the college will assist in their application for Shanghai government scholarship for outstanding foreign students.

8Those who violate Chinese laws and regulations or various rules of college will be punished as the case may be by the college. Those who seriously violate rules and regulations will be expelled by the college. And those who break laws and regulations will be handed to judicial authority.

Communication address

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International Culture Exchange College

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