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Physical Examination
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1The freshmen shall go through physical examination or verification at Shanghai Health and Quarantine Bureau (15# Jinbang Road, sequence call: 62688851). A physical examination or verification requires the following materials:

l  Passport (original + copy)

l  Four copies of 2-inch photos;

l  Letter of Admission to Shanghai Ocean University (original + copy);

l  All documents of the student’s physical examination outside China (sealed by local hospitals), including Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (original) and blood test lab report (original);

l  Fees;

l  DO NOT eat breakfast if the examination is in the morning;

l  DO NOT eat within five hours before the examination if the examination is in the afternoon;

2 Those who fail to pass the physical examination for freshmen (not in compliance with the health standards for foreign students in China specified by the Ministry of Education) shall return to home country immediately. The air ticket shall be paid by the student himself/herself (including government scholarship students).

3Route by bus:

Longgang Express → Longyang Road Subway Station → No.3 exit of Beixinjing Station on No.2 Subway Line, then take a taxi.