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A Belief Introduction to Colleges

The university consists of 8 specialized colleges,namely,College of Fisheries and Life Science,College of Food Science and Technology,College of Economics and Management,College of Information Technology,College of Humanities,College of Engineering Science and Technology,and College of Foreign Language,as well as other 4 colleges,including College of International Cultural Exchanges,College of Continuing Education,College of Higher Technical and Vocational Education,and the joint AIEN Institute by the University and Australia.In addition,the central Agricultral Cadres Training Center,SHOU Branch and the Ocean Fisheries Training Center of Ministry of Agriculture are also located in the university.


International Exchanges

We have extensive foreign exchanges and have established cooperation with universities in USA,Australia,Japan,Korea,Russia and lots of other international organizations.We also participate in the Sino-USA Marine Biological Resources Cooperation Project and have built long-standing partnership with FAO,Asian Fisheries Society ,and ICLARM,etc.

Campus Culture 

There are over 100 students associations in SHOU.Moreover,college students actively serve as volunteers such as western volunteers and environmental protection volunteers.With their talents, students from SHOU light the campus,serve the society and compose the most beautiful music with their passion and perspiration.

1.The dance “Flowing Clouds in Peking” has won the first prize and Excellent Creation Award in the 3rd National Art Performance of College Students.

2.Hu Shuting,a student from the College of Fisheries and Life Science,has won the first prize in the 11th Challenge Cup.

3.FDA volunteers for food safety guarantee.

4.The Traditional Instruments Orchestra organized by students.

An Eventful Century Leading To Today’s Prosperity

Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries School (1912~1927) →

Fisheries School of College of Agriculture,National 4th Zhongshan University(1927~1928) →

Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries School(1930~1937)→

National Sichuan Fisheries Technical School(1937~1947) →   

Shanghai Fisheries Technical School(1951~1952) →

Shanghai Fisheries Institute(1952~1972) →

Xiamen Fisheries Institute1972-1979

Shanghai Fisheries Institute(1979~1985)→      

Shanghai Fisheries University(Jungong Road Campus) (1985~2008) →    

Shanghai Fisheries University(Xuehai Road Campus)2000-2008

Shanghai Ocean University (2008~)